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Deacons’ Ministry in the World “Raising up leadership through the Diaconate” Deacons are called to a special ministry of servanthood directly under their Bishop. Deacons are charged at their ordinations by the Bishop to serve “all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick and the lonely”. As a result of the Bishop’s words at ordination, it almost goes without saying that a deacon’s special ministry is primarily one of outreach. e Deacons of our Diocese are working in the world bringing Christ’s love to those on the margins, to the forgotten, to the wounded, to the incarcerated and to victims of injustice. Some highlights of the Diaconal ministries in the Diocese are: Deacon Bill Carroll working at Operation New Hope which trains ex oenders to re-enter the work force and nd jobs. Deacon Joe Mazza served the Community of Church Without Walls, a ministry to the homeless in Jacksonville. Deacon Linda Rosengren serves the spiritual needs of seriously ill children and their parents at Children’s Hospital. Deacon Phyllis Doty teaches English as a Second Language to a largely Hispanic group in Live Oak. Deacon Ben Clance ministers on Death Row. And Deacon Irene Crocker is a Hospice Chaplain and is a presence to those who are oen dying alone. While this is only a short list of some of the wonderful ministries that our Deacon Community is doing, it emphasizes that deacons are in the world bringing Christ’s love to a broken world. Another component of a deacon’s ministry is to point the way for the Church to go out into the world to do Christ’s work. By our Baptisms, we are all called to service. A deacon models servanthood and leads the Church back into the world to do the work that Christ has given each of us to do. en as the Church, we make known the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who most need to be touched by the savior’s redeeming love. Written by: e Venerable Jeanie Beyer An Unexpected Journey to Pastoral Care “Leadership in helping others in their time of need” e Rev. Deacon Marsha Holmes would be the rst to tell you that life takes many unexpected twists and turns. Each bend in the road or seeming detour can turn out to be the very experiences that equip us for the journey that is our spiritual destiny. Marsha Evans Holmes was born in Baltimore, Maryland and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics with honors from Morgan State University. Marsha held a variety of positions at Verizon Communications, including Vice President – Payphone and Operator Services and Vice President Consumer Marketing. Her team building and management skills would later be put to great use in the important work of Kingdom building. Aer a 27 year career, she moved with her beloved husband to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. His passing created an unexpected intersection in the journey for Marsha. She began to spend more time working in the church and community, living into her baptismal covenant and focusing on what mattered most to her. Marsha worked alongside the Reverend Bob Morris at Christ Episcopal Church, Ponte Vedra to establish a vibrant ministry to singles of all ages called Solo Flight. She also took on the responsibility of leading and coordinating the Shepherd Ministry which enables us to tend to parishioners in a systematic and compassionate way. Hundreds are involved in the Christ Church Cares ministry, ensuring that people get the help they need and that no one walks alone. As a Deacon at Christ Church Marsha’s heart and her desire to proclaim the good news in word and example are seen every day in her actions. In her leadership and on a personal level Marsha models the kind of love that we “do” rather than the kind we simply feel. Written by: Leila Quinlan, Parish Life Coordinator, Christ Episcopal Church, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Page 9 Diocesan Magazine
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