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e Calming and Steady Presence “Transformational Leadership in a Parish” On Sunday, October 5, 2014, the development of a free health clinic in 1996 at St. Cyprian’s, the rst of the new outdoor Chapel at St. its kind in St. Johns County. She served on its board for multiple years. Cyprian’s Mission Church in St. In recent years the clinic moved in order to expand its medical services Augustine was dedicated to honor and establish a dental clinic. e original building was subsequently used Dr. Dorothy Headley Israel. It is for the “Cyprian Center for Expressive Arts”, for which Dee served on a tting dedication as this Chapel the board. Deeh has been a mentor to many students and serves on the has become the cornerstone of the “Scholarship Committee” at St. Cyprian’s, which she helped “Commons” project which integrates to establish. new pavers, a Labyrinth, improved landscaping and will ultimately Professor Emeritus, Award-winning author of two books and active include a Prayer Wall. And Dr. Israel, participant in American Association of University Women, Deeh serves known to all as Deeh, has proven to the African-American community on the boards of Fort Mose Historical be the cornerstone of St. Cyprian’s Society, Excelsior Museum and Cultural Center, and the Foot Soldiers. since her arrival and during its years of transition. During the heart-breaking “schism” in 2006, Deeh remained at St. Cyprian’s and played a crucial role as one of the faithful in rebuilding Deeh Israel retired with her husband, Rudolph, to his native St. Augustine the depleted congregation, which is now self-sustaining. A modern-day in 1994. With an unshakable faith and continuing desire to serve the Saint, she continues to reach out in love to those who departed as well as Lord, Deeh picked up the mantel of leadership from those who had come those who remained. As the “Commons” of St. Cyprian’s oers an area before at St. Cyprian’s, an historic black congregation in the Lincolnville of tranquility to the members of the congregation, the neighborhood neighborhood of St. Augustine, by holding the struggling congregation and the wider community of St. Augustine, Dr. Dorothy “Deeh” Headley together and moving them into new directions. Israel has proved to be the calming and steady presence to all who know and love her. ough Senior Warden for eleven years, long-term member of the Mission Board, frequent delegate to Diocesan Convention, member of Written by Nell Seymour Toensmann, Member of the Mission Board of Diocesan Council, Chalice Bearer, Lay Reader, Daughter of the King, and St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church Cursillo and Ultreya participant, Deeh feels her greatest achievement was A Recipe for Success in All Types of Weather “Leadership in Congregational Rebirth” e intersection of great vision and dedication to action is an electrifying place to be! When Fr. Donavan Cain came to All Saints in July of 2013, we were a Parish in need of a spiritual “pick me up”. Like many churches these days, we had seen waning attendance, membership attrition, and generally lost our sense of joy. Fr. Donavan didn’t waste any time in sharing his vision of “the church we want to be”, which is a place of love, joy, action, and faith. at vision resonated through our Parish like a siren in the night, and people started to get on board. What was equally powerful though was the genuine connections people started to feel with their spiritual leader. Before long we had old members returning, new visitors coming a deep sense of faith. While I don’t think this type of journey is ever weekly, and more children on campus than ever before! People “complete”, I do think that Fr. Donavan has a great recipe for success wanted to be associated with a group who knew that God was calling in all types of weather. A vision that incorporates God’s guiding them, and weren’t afraid to lead the charge! ere have undoubtedly principles, acted on by people with passion for their work, executed been some dicult times along the way, but Fr. Donavan has lead us with faith and love. at’s a winner every time! through those with his ability to separate real issues from “noise”, and Written by: Patrick Dussinger, Senior Warden, All Saints Episcopal Church Diocesan Magazine Page 10 Diocesan Magazine Page 10
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