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LEADERSHIP GROWTH/CAMP WEED AND THE CERVENY CONFERENCE CENTER Forming new and imaginative leadership is essential to the future health and eectiveness of the Diocesan family. One way to nurture growth is through continued education. Bishop Howard’s comprehensive vision calls for the founding of a Diocesan Institute for Ministry and Leadership. e Institute, under discussion for the past several years, will begin its program during the coming year. Its purpose? To inspire all of the members of our Diocese with the love of God and a desire to serve him and to equip us all—whatever our ministry may be—for that service. Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference Center are at the center of this vision. e mission of our camp and conference center has always been two-fold: Inspiration and Formation. Its importance to our congregations and parishioners is greater today than ever before. With the beauty of Mandi’s Chapel, the presence of water in White Lake, this site is a place of prayer and spiritual meditation where we go to come closer to God. Capital improvements and expanded programs— especially our new e Bishop’s Institute for Ministry and Leadership will open its doors wider still for more to discover and enjoy. e Bishop’s Institute for Ministry and Leadership will be centered at Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference Center. is school will be an agent of change in the life of the Diocese. A task force is at work considering all that this school can and should be. All are in agreement the best practices should be taught and the curriculum should touch all aspects of membership and ministry in the Church. ere will be development opportunities and continuing education for both clergy and lay leadership. Page 15 Diocesan Magazine
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