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Some courses will be oered online, but human interaction will be key. is will be incarnational education, with students and teachers in the classroom together. Faculty will be drawn from within the Diocese with guest lecturers and faculty composed of friends of the Diocese, including faculty at Sewanee and other seminaries. Classes may begin as early as this year. “…God will enable us to become a stronger and truer version of the Church he calls us to be.” CONGREGATIONAL GROWTH/COMPANION RELATIONSHIPS e Diocese is renewing its commitment of people and resources setting a goal concerning where it needs to be with new churches and increased membership. While the Diocese has not planted churches in suburbia in recent years, it has rescued or re-planted 8-10 congregations, as well as beginning new college, prison and school ministries and our “Church Without Walls.” “Yoking” or connecting churches in rural areas with shared leadership teams is an approach to church growth and stability, which is being explored. Last year, e Rev. Dr. Miguel Rosada was named Canon for Hispanic Ministries and serves as the bishop’s liaison in all aspects of Hispanic Ministry, including working with companion Dioceses. Noting the importance and growth of the Hispanic community there are discussions of additional congregations and services launched throughout the Diocese. For thirty years the Diocese has enjoyed a strong and fruitful Companion Relationship with the Episcopal Church in Cuba. Forming and developing new companion relationships is critical, as with the relatively new relationship with the Diocese of Peru. A part of Bishop Howard’s Vision to form a Commission of Companion Dioceses to introduce new ways of eectively working with others. A call for parishes to become more involved one-on-one with companion churches is also part of the plan. In summary, Bishop Howard states, “In fullling our vision of renewed ministry and growth, we must strengthen our clergy and lay leadership, empower our youth and young adult ministries, expand outreach ministries and sustain our spiritual Diocesan center, Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference Center. rough our collective support and fulllment of these eorts over the next ten years, we will witness a new era of unity and vitality. rough these eorts, God will enable us to become a stronger and truer version of the Church he calls us to be.” Diocesan Magazine Page 16
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