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40TH ANNIVERSARY WOMEN ORDAINED Last year marked the 40th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women Priests in the Episcopal Church. In 1985 The Rev. Davette Turk was the first woman priest ordained in the Diocese of Florida. She served at Church of the Redeemer in Jacksonville. With such a noteworthy anniversary we asked several women priests in the Diocese to share their personal thoughts on this momentous anniversary. “I am very much aware that I am “I thank you for the opportunity to “I give thanks for the women, and men “A young woman priest named Ellen standing on the shoulders of some express my thanks to the faithful too, who persevered with courage to Tillotson taught my conrmation class brave pioneer women. e reality is women and the men, lay and ordained eect change. Forty years ago many when I was twelve years old. When I that their story is so similar to racial who paved the way for women priest women struggled for both acceptance began to feel called by God to ordained discrimination except the characters to be ordained in our church. I am and a call following ordination. My ministry, I could picture Ellen in are dierent and women’s issues are especially grateful for those 3 three ordination came twenty years later and my mind. I consider myself second more global. parishes including my beloved Holy so much had changed by that time. I generation because I saw a woman Trinity who have called me as their remember my sponsoring priest telling priest before I became one. And yet, e challenges facing women may rector and have called other women me how hard he fought to prevent I have been the rst female rector be derived from stereotypes, cultural to be their priest. ere are still issues the ordination of women – and then, and now Dean in every parish I have norms, religious traditions and dened to surmount around acceptance of some years later, presenting me for served. I still get funny looks in the roles. Unfortunately religion remains a women in leadership in the church. ordination. My priesthood has been grocery store, people don’t know what major hurdle to overcome. In seminary at being said, I think women lled with opportunity and blessing. to call me and couples still sometimes I had the opportunity to study with a priests in this Diocese are valued and What a profound privilege it is to want a male priest to marry them. clergy couple. e wife was the Rector appreciated, and it is my privilege to journey with people in their happiest Almost every day, I am reminded that I St. Bartholomew’s and her husband was her associate! serve in this Diocese with wonderful times and in those times of darkness am a woman and a priest and that this anks to those pioneer women female and male clergy and laity - God is powerfully present in both. is still not ordinary, not comfortable who can help us to overcome those walking by our side.” I thank God every day for the people for all. But I am just so thankful that challenges.” of St. Paul’s by the Sea, and for this God created me to live and serve in a – e Rev. Louanne Loch amazing Diocese!” time when this is possible! Every day, – e Rev. Carrie R. English Rector, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, I give thanks for the miracle of my Rector, Resurrection Episcopal Church, Gainesville – e Rev. Penny Pfab ordination, no matter how awkward Jacksonville Rector, St. Paul’s by the Sea Episcopal it may feel at times. It is a joy beyond Church, Jacksonville Beach words. And the best moments come when no one is thinking about my gender but all of us are thinking about Jesus and his role in our lives.” – e Very Rev. Kate Moorehead Dean, St. John’s Cathedral, Jacksonville Dio Diocesan Magazine Page 4 cesan Magazine Page 4
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