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Leadership Beyond Diocesan Borders e following Clergy and Lay people hold leadership positions beyond the boundaries Diocese of Florida within the Episcopal Church: • e Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, 24th Chancellor of e University of the South at Sewanee • e Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle, Dean and President, e General eological Seminary and Chair, e Board of Trustees of the American Friends of the Anglican Centre in Rome and also serves on e Governors of the American Friends of the Anglican Centre in Rome • Marie Howard, Member, e Living Church Foundation, Inc. and Member of e Board of Trustees of the American Friends of the Anglican Centre in Rome • e Rev. Louanne Loch, (Rector, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Gainesville) Board Member, Current Vice President, Incoming President of CEEP, e Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes Meet Doctor • Melinda Showalter, (Comptroller of the Diocese of Florida) President of CODE, e Conference of Diocesan Executives of Charles Wallace! the Episcopal Church • e Rev. Eddie E. Jones, (Vicar, St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church) Chair of the Trustees, Jessie Ball DuPont Fund Bishop Howard is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Charles Wallace as Director of Camp Weed and the Cerveny • e Rt. Rev. Frank S. Cerveny, Trustee Emeritus, Jesse Ball Conference Center. Dupont Fund, Clerical Trustee, 1998-2003 Dr. Wallace has an impressive resume with vast experience in the camp and conference center arena. He has served as Interim Director for a number of centers around the country. e Episcopal Church Dr. Wallace is also a lecturer, motivational trainer and an • e Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, Court of Review for Honorably Retired Clergy member in good standing and former the Trial of a Bishop. Bishop Chairman, Legislative Committee on trustee of Presbytery of the Redwoods, Presbyterian Church e Structure of the Church (2012 General Convention) (USA). • e Rt. Rev. Dorsey F. Henderson, Jr. (Assisting Bishop in the Bishop Howard remarked, “We are fortunate to have Charles Diocese of Florida), Disciplinary Board for Bishops, Standing working with the Diocese of Florida during this transitional Commission on Constitutions & Canons, Standing Commission time. He is known nationally for more than forty years of on Ministry Development leading, teaching and training in this eld.” • Julia A. Harris, Task Force on Re-Imagining e Episcopal Church In addition to serving as Director, Dr. Wallace will provide • Jack Tull, 2015, Joint Standing Committee on Nominations consultation during the search for the next permanent Executive Director. • Debby Melnyk, 2018, Standing Commission on Stewardship and Development As the facility goes through a transition, it is important to have leadership that can assess the past, evaluate the present and • Paul Van Brunt, Representative of the President of the House of strategize for the future. Deputies 2015 You can contact Dr. Wallace at Diocesan Magazine Page 6
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