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Leadership As Bishop Howard remarked in his opening letter, there are a number of clergy and lay church leaders that live out the baptismal covenant, answering with their lives Proles the question, “Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ?” On the following pages are several examples of inspirational stories of faith and leadership, as told by friends and colleagues who know them best. A Living Example of the Christian Life As I reect on what I want to say about Joe and his ministry in our Diocese, I am overcome with a sense of inadequacy. In the 30-odd years of our friendship I have come to realize that this man is a giant in the life and ministry of the Diocese of Florida. Since becoming the Executive Director of the Camp Weed and Conference Center in 1982, Joe has overseen the construction of numerous projects at the camp. ey include additional cabins and hotel rooms, the Varn Dining Hall, a swimming pool, the McCarty-Snell Youth Center, and Mandi’s Chapel. ese $14 million dollars of investments enhanced the ministry capabilities of the camp - Summer Camp, Cursillo, Happening, Vocare and clergy and parish retreats to name a few. Joe made sure these vital programs had what they needed to accomplish their mission. Joe Chamberlain’s Joe loves to visit churches to tell the Camp Weed story. He has also visited over y churches preparing his “Low Country Boil”! Retirement Recently the Lord called on Joe to meet a huge challenge. Our beautiful 100 acre White Lake had been dry for years which had diminished the natural beauty of the property. Countless meetings Several weeks ago Joe Chamberlain’s retirement was announced. with city, state, and federal agencies were held. Engineers and Joe has been a beloved gure that served members and friends of the Diocese of Florida at Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference consultants were hired. Finally, aer ve years of work the funds were Center for 33 years and his departure marks the end of an era. raised, the permits granted, and the lake renourishment equipment was in place. e Lord blessed this project by sending torrential rains “Joe Chamberlain as had an impact on every person welcomed to that lled the lake. Now, thanks to Joe’s perseverance, we can maintain Camp Weed,” said Bishop Howard. “With the unceasing assistance the water levels during future dry spells. of his wife Sharon Joe has made the camp and conference center what it is today: one of the very best facilities of our Church, and a place in ese are the works, but the greatest gi is the man, himself, a man which every member of the Diocese takes great pride.” who loves his God and the nature He created. Joe is blessed with a gentle and loving heart. at love extends beyond his love for Sharon At the recent 172nd Diocesan Convention Joe and Sharon were and their family and includes you, the people of the Diocese. presented with the Bishop’s Cross for their leadership and their devoted servitude of God in the Diocese of Florida. In Cursillo we seek to learn how to live the Christian life. In Joe Chamberlain we have a living example. Joe remarks, “We are excited to begin a new chapter for the Chamberlains, and we are grateful to Bishop Howard and the Written by: Dick Wilkerson, Former Acting Chair, Diocesan Finance Committee; entire Diocesan community for this opportunity to enjoy a rich Former Diocesan Treasurer and full retirement.” Page 7 Diocesan Magazine
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