About Us - Diocesan Committees

Unless stated otherwise, the person listed below is the chair of his or her respective board, committee or commission.

Architectural Review Board

Robert Hyde
email: rhyde@diocesefl.org

Audit Committee

Tom Paul
email: tpaul@regencycenters.com

Board of Examining Chaplains

The Rev. Donavan Cain
email: dcain@allsaintsjax.org

Camp & Conference Center Advisory Board

Gil Pomar
email: gjpomar@yahoo.com

Commission on Ministry

The Rev. Cn. Nancy S. Suellau
email: nsuellau@stmarksjacksonville.org

Committee on Ecumenical Relations

The Rev. Dr. Robert V. Lee III
email: RVL@freshministries.org

Committee on Finance & Investment

The Hon. Don Lester, Acting Chair
email: dhlester@comcast.net

Common Ministry Budget

The Rev. George L. Hinchliffe
email: geohinchliffe@gmail.com

Convention Charters & Canons Committee

Jill Dame
email: jldame@comcast.net

Cuba Committee

Julie Sullivan
email: jmsullivan32301@gmail.com

Cursillo Committee

Roni Kelly
email: roni.a.kelly@gmail.com

Daughters of the King

Gloria Zittrauer
email: gzit044@gmail.com

Diocesan Altar Guild

Janet Robinson
email: fla_episcopal_dag@yahoo.com

Episcopal Church Women

Andrea Geiger
email: tandageiger@comcast.net

Episcopal Relief & Development

Peggy Crawford
email: bkperson@bellsouth.net
Wes Marston
email: wesmarston@gmail.com

Happening Steering Committee

Tiffany LaMotte
email: tlamotte@stpetersparish.org

Prison Ministry

The Rev. Sandy Tull
email: czarinat26@msn.com
Jackie Jones
email: jacquelyne907@gmail.com

United Thank Offering (UTO)

Dee Dugger
email: ladydragonfly54@gmail.com