About Us - Diocesan Council

Per Canon 11 of the Diocesan Canons, the Diocesan Council shall be an executive body representative of the Church in this Diocese with power and authority to implement and carry into effect the policies and programs adopted by the Diocesan Convention and to act for the Convention between meetings thereof. The Council shall have overall responsibility for the Diocesan program and finances, and it shall provide for the efficient management of the business of the Diocese. It shall be an agency to relieve the Bishop of the Diocese insofar as practicable from the necessity of the detailed management of the business affairs of the Diocese.


The Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, Bishop of Florida
email: jhoward@diocesefl.org

Vice Chair

John R. "Jack" Tull


The Rev. Lance Horne


E. Benjamin "Ben" Hill


Fred Issac, Esq.

Vice Chancellor

Hank Wilson, Esq.

Through 2020 Convention

Jack Tull
Church: First Coast East Region

Through 2021 Convention

The Rev. Hugh Chapman
Jim Salter
Church: Santa Fe Region
Hank Wilson
Church: First Coast West

Through 2022 Convention

Rev. Ronnie Willerer
Courtney Carter
Church: River Region
Byron Greene
Church: Apalachee Region

Regional Canons

The Rev. Canon Jerry Smith - Apalachee
email: FatherJerry@HC-EC.org
The Rev. Canon B. Wiley Ammons - First Coast East
email: wiley@redeemerjax.org
The Rev. Canon Nancy S. Suellau - First Coast West
email: nsuellau@stmarksjacksonville.org
The Rev. Canon Bob Goolsby - River
email: fatherbob@stthomaspalmcoast.com
The Rev. Canon Fletcher Montgomery - Santa Fe
email: JFM@holytrinitygnv.org