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Evangelism and Growth

Monthly Evangelism Workshops

Join us in Jacksonville and Tallahassee at our monthly Evangelism Workshop.

These workshops will be held monthly and God-willing will foster meaningful conversations about evangelism and sharing our faith with our communities in which we live in. 

Fourth Tuesday of each month

Tuesday, September 24
7 - 8pm
Holy Comforter Episcopal Church 

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Last Thursday of each month

Thursday, September 16
6 - 7pm

St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Room 100
5042 Timuquana Road
Jacksonville, FL 32210

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Prayer for Evangelism and Growth

Gracious and loving God, you have called us in this Diocese to a goodly community of faith. You have called us also to bring others to know and love you. Give us, heavenly Father, a special measure of your grace, that we may be obedient to your Great Commission. Assist us, O Lord, and help us, that we may do your will in all things; and especially in our efforts to bring others to the knowledge and love of you. We ask all of these things through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.