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CAMP WEED WAS FOUNDED IN JUNE OF 1924 NEAR ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, FLORIDA. THE DIOCESE OF FLORIDA SPONSORED ITS FIRST SUMMER PROGRAM WITH 40 CHILDREN ATTENDING. THE CAMP WAS NAMED IN 1925 FOR THE LATE RT. REV. EDWIN GARDNER WEED, WHO WAS THE THIRD BISHOP OF FLORIDA. Attention: New Camp Dates! (See page 17 for details.) After talking to parents and listening to feedback, we’ve made changes regarding Canteen! In order to promote discovered our Friday pick up time isn’t convenient to a a healthy lifestyle and to make sure all of our campers lot of families. To make things easier for you, our 2017 get snacks, we will move away from Canteen and instead camp sessions will now end on Saturday morning!* You’re serve a daily snack to all of our campers and staff. invited to join us for Family Eucharist at 9 a.m., and check Don’t worry: if you’ve already put money toward out will be from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. That’s an extra night of Canteen, we will refund it to your account within the next camp for your camper, and we’re not raising the price! few weeks. In addition to the changes in our dates, we’ve also *Session 5 will end on Thursday, not Saturday. U DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017 15 DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017 15
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