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GROWTH: THROUGH PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF CLERGY & LAITY THE BISHOP’S INSTITUTE FOR MINISTRY AND LEADERSHIP By The Rev. Dr. Douglas Dupree giving in our parish church’ led by Doug Walker, the Rector, Bishop’s Institute for Ministry and Leadership Bishop’s Deputy for Advancement and Stewardship’; and ‘Power to the People Building a Solid Foundation for BISHOP HOWARD Lay Pastoral Care Ministry’ led by The Rev. Deacon WITH INSTITUTE Marsha Holmes and the Pastoral Care team of Christ ATTENDEES IN THE Church, Ponte Vedra, will also be held at Camp Weed and VARN DINING HALL. the Cerveny Conference Center, June 9 - 10, 2017. In planning for the Spring of 2017 is a workshop in training and recruiting lay leadership in the area of Christian education/formation focused on Children’s Christian Formation. The Rev. Stephen Mazingo from St. Peter’s, Fernandina Beach and The Rev. Remington Slone from Christ Church, Ponte Vedra, are in the forefront of this planning and it looks exciting. In addition to these lay leadership workshops, there are a number of other events and opportunities in 2017 organized by the Bishop’s Institute. These include: he focus of the Bishop’s Institute in 2017 will be on a A College for Preachers will take place over several Tseries of eight workshops to develop lay leadership in days, May 8 - 11, 2017, at Camp Weed and the Cerveny our church. These eight areas are: Conference Center led by four very fne mentors to enable 1) leading or assisting in worship; 2) Christian and assist clergy desiring to refect on and hone their education/formation; 3) pastoral care; 4) management of preaching skills. The Rev. Joe Gibbes of Our Saviour the church’s assets and fnances; 5) teaching and practicing Church, Mandarin is Chaplain to the College and has been good stewardship; 6) parish administration; 7) hospitality/ the inspiration for making this initiative happen. welcoming ministries and 8) outreach. 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation To set the tone for this series, The Rev. Frank and the Bishop’s Institute will host a Diocesan-wide Limehouse, in November 2016, led a workshop on the gathering of organists, choirs and lay people from Biblical foundation for lay leadership. our churches for a service and hymn fest ‘Singing the Two workshops in this series were held at Camp Weed Reformation.’ This will be led by the imminent authority and the Cerveny Conference Center, as follows: on hymns, The Rev. Carl Daw, at St. John’s Cathedral, January 14, 2017: ‘Lay leadership in worship’ led by October 24, 2017 at 6pm. Bishop Howard and The Rev. Deacon David Crabtree; and The Rev. Earl Palmer, the well-known lecturer and February 11, 2017: ‘Inspiring generosity and generous preacher was a big draw for the Bishop’s Institute in 2015 18 DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017
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