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with his lecture series on C.S. Lewis and in 2016 with his programs and helped us advertise them in their churches. series on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He has agreed to return to This happens in small and large parishes alike. the Diocese of Florida in 2017 to offer a series on ‘the Book In one of our larger churches, for instance, the Rector of John.’ We are in the process of working out a date for and his staff take the initiative to contact us in advance that offering. as they plan their annual calendar asking for information Our strongest numbers over the last 18 months have about the Bishop’s Institute they might add to their been for The Rev. Earl Palmer’s lectures - one of which calendar of events. In addition, the parish administrator drew 150 people and the other 100. also actively recruits members of the congregation to attend The frst of the Lay Leadership workshops, led by The Bishop’s Institute events and as an event or workshop nears, Rev. Frank Limehouse, was attended by 55, and the second the Rector and his clergy advertise it from the chancel steps workshop was attended by double that number. regularly. I have been very pleased by the attendance levels of our I believe the Bishop’s Institute is, more and more, programming. working effectively to empower our laity through various To see attendance grow, I think there are at least three workshops and offerings. I think this will increasingly things that need to happen: frstly, to seek in prayer the become a real pattern and indeed, possibly, a real Lord’s guidance in what is good to offer and the guidance curriculum. The opportunities for the Bishop’s Institute of the laity and clergy of the Diocese similarly; secondly, to do its work well coming from many different ‘doors’ continue to be creative in communicating and advertising that open. One example of this is an exciting new program the programs we are offering and thirdly, build trust and being planned for licensed lay ministry in the churches community so that more and more leaders in individual of Putnam County. As that program develops, under the parishes ‘own’ the Bishop’s Institute and take initiative in leadership of Bishop Howard, The Rev. Bob Marsh and The presenting it to their congregations as a real opportunity to Rev. Rick Westbury, the Bishop’s Institute is taking part enable our laity and leadership. and hopes, I think, to fnd in it a prototype for what we As an example of the third point, I am deeply grateful might offer Diocese-wide as a solid and consistent program to a number of individual parishes from across the Diocese and school for enabling and indeed, licensing our lay leaders who have consistently supported the Bishop’s Institute to be stronger and stronger in their leadership offerings. > DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017 19
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