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GROWTH: THROUGH IMPORTANT OUTREACH PROGRAMS ST. LUKE’S MOBILE CLINIC: SHEPHERD’S HANDS IS THRIVING FOUR AND A HALF YEARS AGO, SEVERAL ST. LUKE’S PARISHIONERS WANTED TO BEGIN A NEW MINISTRY FOR PEOPLE IN NEED. SHEPHERD’S HANDS VOLUNTEERS WITH THE REV. GEORGE HINCHLIFFE KNEELING (CENTER). ed by The Rev. George Hinchliffe, they began by 1. Health Care Lasking people in their Live Oak community, and 2. Mental Health Care surrounding communities, questions about what was really 3. General Access to Health Services needed in those rural areas. In fact, St. Luke’s members attended many meetings One year ago, the St. Luke’s Shepherd’s Hands Clinic – according to The Rev. Hinchliffe, it seemed like they began with funding from two grants. The frst grant, given attended every meeting – in these areas, and then they by The Episcopal Diocese of Florida, was to buy start- came back together to discuss their fndings. up equipment. The second grant was a federal grant for They all agreed that three services were desperately planning for development of a rural health clinic. needed for people in need who lived in the following three While extremely grateful for the grants to get started, rural counties: The Rev. Hinchliffe also credits the leadership at St. 20 DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017
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