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FROM LEFT: BISHOP HOWARD, JOHN BAKER AND THE REV. RICK WESTBURY The Rev. Rick Westbury: First, we need less rigidity in John Baker: To “better share the good news,” we need our leadership styles, and we more need to create a culture to have energized clergy and lay leadership that have strong that invites more collaboration and creative thinking. skills in leadership and preaching. All of us - clergy and lay leaders - must acknowledge The Diocese needs to spearhead that we sometimes hold on too tightly to old patterns or exciting programs to attract and/ ways of doing and being church. A revival is only possible or develop talented clergy and lay where the Spirit is invited to shake us up and redefne our leaders. individual and collective roles as disciples of Jesus Christ. The Rev. Rick Westbury: Episcopalians have a unique Q. How do we better share the “Good News?” identity. I think that the answer Bishop Howard: Sharing the Good News may not JOHN BAKER to this question holds the stuff involve anything new or different from what we’ve that separates us from other done. We need to be called to excellence. I fnd myself denominations. For me, vulnerability is the key. The answers increasingly mindful of what C.S. Lewis said, “Christianity are important to all of us, but creating an environment is a religion which, if false, is of no importance and, if true, where people feel safe and encouraged to ask the hard is of infnite importance. The only thing that it cannot be is questions … that is what creates fertile ground for dynamic moderately important.” Christianity cannot be moderately conversations and growth. People are looking for a church important, but must be our frst priority. that holds this dynamic tension between these extreme DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017 3
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