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GROWTH: THROUGH STRONG LEADERSHIP positions, where we learn to disagree well and truly respect success in church growth and stewardship. Furthermore, the dignity of the person who stands in a different place. we’ve grown what has become a trusted relationship for (They will know we are Christians, not by our agreement, over a dozen years. I am so glad that he, along with John, but by our love.) agreed to lead our efforts to evangelize and to grow in the name of Christ. Q. Bishop Howard, why have you chosen John Baker and The Rev. Rick Westbury to join you in this article? Q. Bishop Howard, it seems like your mission since being John Baker is a respected instituted as Bishop of this Diocese in 2004 has been a businessman and a faithful three-fold continuum of survival, maintenance and, now supporter of the church. He is also evangelism and growth. Why is the Diocese concentrating our Chairman of the Diocesan on evangelism and growth now? Foundation. John has a deeply In 2017, we have the freedom to experiment and really rooted understanding of how change the culture of our Diocese through our commitment to share the Good News and to to the Great Commission. Today, through strong church grow. He brings great insight and leadership, empowering our laity, and by creating a culture THE REV. RICK wisdom to our evangelism and of excellence in all that we do, we are confdent that now is WESTBURY growth initiative. the opportunity to share our faith with others through our The Rev. Rick Westbury is among the most respected growth and evangelism initiative. > of clergy in out Diocese. He has experienced notable Join Us in Welcoming meeting you, praying with you, listening, speaking, The Rev. Aaron Smith sharing in the Eucharist together, and singing songs of praise to our Great Lord. We look forward to seeing The Rev. Aaron Smith joins The Episcopal Diocese this mission, to courageously preach the Gospel to the of Florida as Canon of Evangelism and Growth. His far-reaching edges of the Diocese, and all the places in new mission began on February 19, 2017. between, grow. And, most importantly, we look forward Canon Smith shares, “I am thrilled and honored to sharing in this great life of faith with you.” U that the Bishop has asked me to come and be a part of the life-giving work of seeing this mission grow, and to being a people who are devoted to faith in His Kingdom. I am thrilled because I believe it. I am wholeheartedly in love with our Lord, and wholeheartedly trust that, as John’s Gospel indicates, it is in Jesus the Christ that we discover a knowable, loving God, as he is the Way the Truth and the Life.” He continues, “My wife, Meredith, and my sons Ambrose (the old soul), and Clement (the frecracker) look forward to the coming years with the The Episcopal Diocese of Florida. We look forward to 4 DIOCESAN MAGAZINE | WINTER-SPRING 2017
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