Mission & Ministry - A Door to Easter: Pilgrimage to Guatemala

A Weekend with Earl Palmer 2019

March 31 - April 7, 2020

Of all the pilgrimages the Bishop's Institute might organize for the Episcopal Diocese of Florida-why to the city of Antigua in Guatemala? And why in the week leading up to Holy Week and including Palm Sunday?

Someone has described the beauty and atmosphere of Antigua in Guatemala as 'Charleston, South Carolina, on steroids'. Antigua is the first capital of Guatemala and founded by the Spanish in 1524. It is situated on a much more ancient Mayan city now called Iximche. 

Synonymous with the founding of Antigua were some of the first Holy Week procesiones in South America. In much of the Catholic world, especially in Spanish speaking countries, procesiones are staged to mark the days of Holy Week leading up to Easter. As Marta Bausells noted in The Guardian UK newspaper:

'Antigua . . . leads the pack, with spectacular procesiones that are among the world's most iconic. Antigua's parades are a voluptuous, baroque, often dramatic affair-and not a brief one . . . . . A parade can easily come out at 3pm and finish at 2 am'.

We have chosen the week leading up to Holy Week yet including Palm Sunday for a quieter, yet perhaps all the more moving Lenten preparation for Easter, and one in time to deliver us 'home' to our own church communities for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day. In our week preceding Holy Week we will have opportunity for prayer, meditation, the Eucharist, visiting churches and cathedrals while still discovering the natural beauty of Guatemala, the holy shrines, the textiles, and many Mayan sites. 

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