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The purpose of the Bishop's Institute is to offer quality education at the local level for the training of priests, deacons and lay leaders and to provide continuing education for both clergy and laity. It plans also to provide educational resources for parishes within the Diocese to be of assistance to them in developing their various ministries and educational offerings within the parish.

In addition, the Institute will offer and promote retreats, speaker events and forums that bring outstanding speakers from the wider Church and from many different backgrounds here to our Diocese. Within the Episcopal Church at large, educational institutes on the diocesan scale tend to follow one of two models. Firstly, there are a few dioceses that have especially good institutes concentrating on ordination preparation or the development of lay leadership. Other dioceses have programs that primarily offer outstanding speaker forums and events. Our goal for the new Bishop's Institute is to endeavor to offer and combine features of both models.  

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 The Rev. Cn. Dr. H. Douglas Dupree , Rector      



Calendar of Upcoming Events

December 6-8, 2019
Yoga and Christian Contemplative Prayer Retreat
Camp Weed & Cerveny Conference Center

Imagine being surrounded by over 500 acres of north-central Florida's most beautiful nature, while listening to sacred Christian music, calming your body in a loving yogic practice, quieting the mind and preparing to share the communal silence of contemplative prayer in the presence of your Creator.

Speaker and Leader Information:

Megan Cochran is an experienced yoga teacher and leads the Church on a Mat service in Cummings Chapel at St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville. Kate Moorehead, the Dean of St. John's Cathedral and the author of a goodly number of books including most recently Angels of the Bible: Finding Grace, Beauty and Meaning (October, 2019). Allison DeFoor, Canon to the Ordinary in the Episcopal Diocese of Florida and he will preach and celebrate the Eucharist on Sunday morning of the retreat.

Come experience the delightful blending of the physical practice of yoga with the enduring traditions of Christian contemplative prayer. Learn how to cultivate inner stillness and receptivity to the Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit.

No yoga experience needed. This retreat works for those trying yoga for the first time and for those who regularly practice yoga. Chair yoga is also an option.

The retreat begins Friday afternoon with registration and dinner and concludes on Sunday, after the final yoga session and the Eucharist, with lunch at 12 noon. 

Limited scholarships are available. Please email the Rector of the Bishop's Institute, Douglas Dupree at ddupree@diocesefl.org for more information.

Click here for more information and to register.

Memento Mori: 'Remember Your Death'
Saturday, December 14, 2019
St. John's Cathedral
10am - 2pm

A Saturday Retreat in the Tradition of Bishop Jeremy Taylor's 'Holy Living, Holy Dying'

Led by The Rev. Donavan Cain

The 17th century Anglican cleric Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) who lived and preached during the turbulent days of the English Civil War wrote a popular book called The Rule and Exercise of Holy Living (1650). Even more popular was the book that followed a year later called The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying. In our time a Roman Catholic nun, Sr Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, has revived the ancient tradition of remembering death--- encouraged by the Bible, the early Church Fathers, and many saints throughout the ages. She wrote a book for Lent called Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Lenten Devotional (January 2019). 

Fr Donavan Cain, Rector of All Saints' Church, Jacksonville, was so taken by Sr Theresa Aletheia's book he made it the focus of the Lent 2019 study series in his parish. In the program he led church members through what Jeremy Taylor set forth for instruction in The Rule and Exercise of a Holy Dying and assisted them in focusing on the important place of hope in death at the core of our faith in Jesus Christ. It was all devotion, scripture, theology and discussion and had nothing to do with funeral planning.

Our Bishop John Howard was so taken by hearing of Fr Cain's offering that he asked him if he might offer it more widely. So it is this same study that Fr Cain will offer us in the Diocese during Advent on Saturday December 14th, under the aegis of the Bishop's Institute and via the hospitality and welcome of our St John's Cathedral. One of the great themes of Advent is 'the four last things', i.e. Heaven, Hell, Death and Judgement. Memento Mori: 'remember your death'- but equip yourself with hope, and with faith and with the love of God. 

Registration includes the $12 for lunch that is provided. To register: click here.

(Discount for parish groups of four or more attending. Limited scholarships available.)

 Click here to register 

Upcoming Pilgrimages

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
February 2-10, 2020

Organized by Biblical Journeys and led by the Rev. Canon Aaron Smith, assisted by the Rev. Canon Douglas Dupree 

Duration: 9 days
Trip Cost: $3,800 (includes room, most meals and flights)
Single Supplement: Base Price + $552
Payment due date: November 2, 2019

Click here for a full itinerary and more information

A Door to Easter: Pilgrimage to Antigua, Guatemala
March 31 - April 7, 2020

Duration: 8 days
Trip Cost: $3,300
Single Supplement: $600 (limited space)
Payment due date: $1,000 per person due November 1. Final payment due December 15, 2019

Click here for a full itinerary and more information

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