Mission & Ministry - Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

Jacksonville, Florida

The Prison Ministry mission is to encourage, assist and equip the Church to respond to the pastoral and sacramental needs of the incarcerated, their families, ex-offenders, victims and those who work with the incarcerated, as directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Prison ministry has formally been a ministry of the Diocese of Florida since 1987. At that time, there were about 9 prisons in the Diocese with about 8,000 inmates. Prison ministry became formalized with the passage of a Resolution on Prison Ministry at the 159th Diocesan Convention in 2002. At that time, there were 22 prisons in the Diocese, now there are 30 correctional facilites; 28 jails and 11 youth facilities. The prison population has risen to over 30,000, making prison ministry one of the most challenging for the Diocese. To answer the challenge, the Episcopal Diocese of Florida currently has three full time, non-stipendiary priests. Additionally, there are other supporting clergy and laity to bring this ministry into the prisons, jails and youth facilities.