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Vocare #54 April 5-7, 2019

Vocare is a weekend retreat for young adults at Camp Weed in Live Oak, Florida, and it's a little bit more than that. "Vocare" is the Latin word from which we derive the English word vocation--calling. This weekend is not about career development or looking at how to be successful in the world. This weekend is a quiet moment away from the world in order to discover God's calling for your life- your reason for existence. Any young adult (roughly ages 19-35) who may be wondering why God placed them on Earth can attend, regardless of spiritual confidence or denomination. If you have ever thought that perhaps the meaning of life may be deeper than the new cell phone, join us. If you have been thinking that God may have intended you to do something other than beer pong on Friday nights, join us. If you have been wondering if God is speaking to you in a unique and wonderful way, join us.

Before you come to the weekend, make sure you sign up at the link below. Once you've registered, prepare yourself to hear God. Leave your homework (or work work) at home. Don't bring a bathing suit or pack a book, there won't be time for that. Know that this weekend is meant to be time away from the strains and stresses of the world. Do bring a sleeping bag/linens, a pillow, a towel, a washcloth, and any toiletries or clothes you may need. The retreat starts Friday evening (eat dinner beforehand) and lasts through Sunday afternoon. This weekend will be fun, enjoyable, will feature great food and many entertaining people. More importantly, it will provide you time to think, reflect, and listen for your unique call.

We are all called by God. How is he calling you?


For questions contact: vocarefl@gmail.com




VOCARE #54 IS SCHEDULED FOR April 5-7 2019 

Cost:  $100

Vocare Leadership

Laura Ammons, Lay Director

Shannon McCook, Assistant Lay Director

Beka Hiley, Secretary

Hannah Minton, Treasurer

Lauren Beckwith, Liaison to the Diocese

Devanne Jones, Liaison to Vocare at Large

The Rev. Brian E. Smith, Spiritual Director

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