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Diocesan Disaster Response Plan

The purpose of a disaster response plan is to assure the viability of the parish, its associated ministries and its assets. The emphasis of the plan should be on pre-disaster planning and recovery. To do nothing is not a responsible action for the leadership of the church.

During times of disaster, we may be in the affected area and need help ourselves. If not, we may be able to offer help to others. The Episcopal Diocese of Florida plans to be prepared to both receive help and offer help. This manual is to provide guidance to the Diocese and parishes in the development of their own policies and procedures for whatever situation may arise.  

Whenever a disaster does occur, clergy and parishes should communicate with the Diocesan Office first and their Regional Canon. Should communications be down or the Diocesan Office has been relocated, disaster response information will be communicated in the best way possible depending on the circumstances. 

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