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Diocesan Annual Report Forms

Below are the DIOCESAN ANNUAL REPORT FORMS - These forms are e-mailed to the Diocese preferable 30 days after the Annual Diocesan Convention.  The report information is used to issue needed licenses and record information used in the Diocesan Annual Report to the National Church.  These forms are all electronic transfer forms - please fill in the blank fields and click submit.

View Form | Selection of Delegates

View Form | Certificate of Compliance

View Form | Eucharistic Ministers

View Form | Eucharistic Visitor

View Form | Mission Board

View Form | Worship Leaders

View Form | Warden and Vestry Reporting

Bishop Visitation Forms and Information

download document  | 2019 Visitation Schedule & Guidelines 

download document  | Parish Information Form

download document  | Record of Baptism

download document  | Record of Confirmation, Reaffirmation and Reception Form

Marriage Forms:

download document | Record of Marriage Form

download document | Resolution B012

download document | Remarriage: Diocesan Policy & Application


download document  | Audit Requirement & Procedures
download document | Background Disclosure and Release
download document | Clergy Annual Report of Occasional Services

download document | Clergy Continuing Education Report

download document | Clergy Record Form

download document | Clergy Housing Allowance Form

download document | TENS Member login 2019