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Supply Clergy

Parish Protocol when hosting Supply Clergy.

Please remember to have a vestry member greet your supply clergy.

  1. Assist him or her with an appropriate parking space.
  2. Show him or her where they may vest.
  3. Review the service bulletin sharing any special characteristics of your regular service.
  4. Accompany clergy after service to “coffee hour”, introducing him to parishioners.
  5. Have the honorarium check ready to give to the clergy.

Supply Clergy

1 service =$200; 2 services = $250 for same Sunday; Mileage: The IRS standard mileage rate for the business use of a vehicle is currently $0.655 per mile (2023). These rates will change annually; mileage is published/updated by the IRS at year end.

The Rev. Michael Jones
Availability: Santa Fe & Apalachee Regions
mobile: (352) 441-5909

The Rev. Eric Kahl
Availability: Apalachee Region, First Coast East Region & First Coast West Region
mobile: (904) 501-4130

The Rev. Arthur Lee
Availability: Santa Fe Region
mobile: (941) 223-6566

The Rev. Jim May
Availability: Apalachee Region
mobile: (850) 510-5663

The Rev. Reid McCormick
phone: (904) 855-5258

The Rev. Teresa Seagle
Availability: First Coast
mobile: (904) 321-7181

The Rev. Celeste Tisdelle
Availability: First Coast East & West Regions
phone: (904) 449-9040

The Rev. David Weidner
Availability: River & First Coast East Regions
mobile: (904)687-8265

The Rev. Cn. John Wesley
Availability: First Coast Region – East & West, Sante Fe Region: East
mobile: (904) 710-3143

The Rev. Cn. Donald Woodrum
Availability: All Regions
mobile: (386) 688-1469

The Rev. Andy Zeman
Availability: First Coast East & West Regions
phone: (203) 841-8277