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Clergy Discipline Process

Diocese of Florida Clergy Discipline Process

The Episcopal Church has a longstanding commitment to addressing clergy misconduct. Title IV of the Church’s Canons sets out standards of conduct for all ordained people in the church and provides a process for addressing allegations of misconduct.

The Church’s Canons are found at:

A website that explains the Title IV discipline process is found at

The Diocese of Florida has four Intake Officers. Their primary responsibility is to obtain as much information as possible about the alleged misconduct. That information includes:

  • The identity of the clergyperson allegedly responsible for the misconduct
  • A full narrative description of the incident or acts of alleged misconduct
  • The identity of any witnesses
  • The identity of any others who may have been victimized by the alleged misconduct

The key goal of the Intake Officer is to decide whether what is presented to them, if true, would constitute an “Offense” under the Canons. (Title IV.6.5). This determination expressly excludes any determination as to the actual truth of the allegations. While working with the people providing this information, the Intake Officer advises each person about the procedures the Church follows to consider and respond to allegations of misconduct, including the rights of the Complainant.

Intake Officers

A complaint can be made to any of the persons below regardless of the Diocesan area of the Intake Officer.

The Rev Sara Rich (First Coast Area)

Mr. Bo Shippen (Tallahassee Area)

The Rev Tanya Scheff (Tallahassee Area)

The Rev Quinn Parman (Jacksonville Area)