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The 81st General Convention will take place June 23-28, 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

For more information, please visit:

General Convention

The Right Rev. Scott Benhase
Bishop Assisting

CLERGY – Deputies

The Rev. Mark Anderson
St. John’s Cathedral, Jacksonville

The Rev. Beth Pessah
Holy Comforter, Tallahassee

The Rev. Tanya Scheff
St. Paul’s, Quincy

The Rev. Teresa Seagle (Chair)
Episcopal School of Jacksonville & All Saints, Jacksonville

The Rev. Dr. Jon Davis (Alternate)
St. Mark’s, Palatka

LAITY – Deputies

Byron Greene
St. Michael & All Angels, Tallahassee

James Pierce
St. Philip’s, Jacksonville

Jim Salter, Esq.
Holy Trinity, Gainesville

Paul Van Brunt (Vice Chair)
Christ Church, Ponte Vedra

Jack Tull (Alternate)
Christ Church, Ponte Vedra

Episcopal Church Women Triennial

Andi Geiger
Province IV President

Heather Prox
Diocesan President

Katrina Crews
Diocesan President-elect

Melinda Donnelly
Diocesan UTO Coordinator

Roni Kelly
Distinguished Woman

Official Youth Presence

Evan Van Brunt
Christ Church, Ponte Vedra

Diocesan Facilitator

Deanna Peck
Executive Assistant to the Standing Committee & Assisting Bishops