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178th Annual Convention

Pre-Convention Meeting

 To view a recording of the Pre-Convention meeting, click here.


Election Results

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Diocesan Council
Clergy: The Rev. Trent Moore, Church of our Savior, Jacksonville
Lay: First Coast West Region: Nathlyn Hemmingway, St. Peter’s, Jacksonville
Lay: Santa Fe Region: Jim Salter, Holy Trinity, Gainesville
Disciplinary Board
Clergy: The Rev. Bob Goolsby, St. Thomas, Palm Coast
Clergy: The Rev. Amy Slater, St. Mary’s, Green Cove Springs
Lay: Brad Farmer, St. Paul’s, Quincy
Standing Committee
Clergy: The Rev. Teresa Seagle, Episcopal School of Jacksonville
Lay: Arthur Crofton, Grace, Orange Park
Sewanee Board of Trustees
Lay: Randy DeFoor, St. Mark’s, Jacksonville

Convention Videos

Resolution 2021-001

Submitted by the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Florida
 The 178th convention of The Episcopal Diocese of Florida offers gratitude to God for the leadership of God’s servant Samuel Johnson Howard as its Eighth Bishop Diocesan; and
 This convention supports Bishop Howard’s outline for the orderly plan for an Episcopal Election; and
 This convention has confidence in the good work of its Standing Committee over the next two years, to lead the Diocese in a faithful search process for the Ninth Bishop of Florida; therefore
Be it resolved,
That this convention pledges its faithful discernment, its steadfast prayer, its diligence in ministry, and its submission to the Holy Spirit in this season of transition; and
Be it further resolved,
 That this convention authorizes the Standing Committee to proceed with all such steps as are necessary for an Episcopal discernment process, including but not limited to the forming of a search committee, the development of rules for an election process, and the conducting of such work as will allow for the publication of a search profile; and,
Be it further resolved,
 That the ministry of the Bishop Coadjutor, as outlined by Bishop Howard, will commence no later than Nov. 5, 2022.

A Bishop Coadjutor is a Bishop that is elected by Convention as an assistant to the Diocesan with intention to succeed at the time of resignation. The full schedule is outlined below. When Bishop Howard retires in 2023, the Bishop Coadjutor will then become the next Diocesan Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida.

Projected Schedule for Election of Bishop Coadjutor

(Subject to change by Standing Committee)
January 30, 2021 – Bishop Howard called for election of a Bishop Coadjutor and announces prospective role and duties of the new Bishop. In consultation with the office of the Presiding Bishop, the Standing Committee began to organize search process, including selection of Search Committee, preparation of diocesan profile and other duties appropriate and necessary to enable search.
Fall 2021 – Search Committee will begin accepting nominations. Review of nominations, background work and interviews to follow through Spring 2022.
Spring 2022 – “Walkabout” opportunity for delegates to meet final nominees at Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center.
Early Summer 2022 – Election of Bishop Coadjutor at St. John’s Cathedral.
Fall 2022 – Bishop Coadjutor will be consecrated and commence ministry with Bishop Howard.
Fall 2023 – Bishop Howard resigns; Bishop Coadjutor becomes ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Florida.

The Bishop’s Cross Award

In 2008, Bishop Howard announced the creation of an award to be presented annually at our diocesan convention honoring those in the Episcopal Diocese of Florida who have given most generously of their God-given time, talent, or treasure toward the support, upbuilding, and strengthening of the life of the Diocese. The Bishop’s Cross Award is modeled on the pectoral cross worn by Bishop Howard.

The Bishop’s Cross Award Committee is now receiving nominations for the 2022 recipients. The awards will be presented at the 2022 Diocesan Convention, both to lay and to clergy honorees. It is hoped that you will prayerfully consider those who, in the life of our diocese and its many varied ministries, have made the greatest contributions whether of time, talent or treasure, and that you will submit a statement of nomination, stating in 250 words or less the reasons you believe this individual should be a recipient of The Bishop’s Cross Award.

All written, typed or email nominations must be received by December 1, 2021.

Click here to nominate an individual.