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180th Annual Convention

“All My Hope on God is Founded”

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Munnerlyn Campus: 4455 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207

Election Results

The following individuals were elected to positions at Convention.

Deputies to 2024 General Convention:

  • Clergy
    • The Rev. Mark Anderson, St. John’s Cathedral, Jacksonville
    • The Rev. Beth Pessah, Holy Comforter, Tallahassee
    • The Rev. Tanya Scheff, St. Paul’s, Quincy
    • The Rev. Teresa Seagle, Episcopal School of Jacksonville & All Saints, Jacksonville
    • The Rev. Jon Davis, St. Mark’s, Palatka (Alternate)
  • Lay
    • Byron Greene, St. Michael & All Angels, Tallahassee
    • James Pierce, St. Philip’s, Jacksonville
    • Jim Salter, Holy Trinity, Gainesville
    • Paul Van Brunt, Christ Church, Ponte Vedra
    • Jack Tull, Christ Church, Ponte Vedra (Alternate)

Diocesan Council: 

  • Clergy
    • The Rev. Jon Baugh, St. George, Jacksonville
    • The Rev. Matt Marino, Trinity, St. Augustine
  • Lay
    • Barbara Stevenson, St. Mark’s, Jacksonville

Disciplinary Board:

  • Clergy
    • The Rev. Chris Dell, Episcopal School of Jacksonville
    • The Rev. Walter “Jay” Jamison, Holy Communion, Hawthorne
  • Lay
    • Jouana Murphy, Trinity, St. Augustine
    • David Spaulding, St. Cyprian’s, St. Augustine

Standing Committee:

  • Clergy
    • The Rev. Justin Yawn, St. Francis in the Field, Ponte Vedra
  • Lay
    • Heather Prox, St. Andrew’s, Interlachen

Positions to be determined at next Diocesan Council meeting:

  • Standing Committee: 1 Lay, unfulfilled 1 year term
  • Diocesan Council: 1 Lay, First Coast East, unfulfilled 1 year term


The following resolutions were passed at Convention.

The following resolutions were not addressed at Convention and are tabled for future discussion consideration.

General Convention: See link to most recent General Convention proposed resolutions here and Summary of Action here.

Budget and Financial Reports

Please click the links below for more information. A summary of each document will be presented at pre-convention and convention.

Rules of Order

The annual convention rules of order are available for reference here.

Clergy and Registration Lists